Easter Trimmings

Easter is not for a couple more weeks, but the season makes me think of shopping for new Easter shoes and spring hats.
More kid photos are due to a recent project Juliet and I undertook to scan our family pics. Prepare yourself to see a lot more of my childhood now that it's all electronically at hand. One of my favorite memories is going to the craft center with mom to pick out silk flowers to add to our Easter hats. Early fashion design experience.
I still find myself drawn to Easter shoes, even knowing I'd maybe wear them just once and they'd be destroyed in the dirty Chicago puddles.(Cole Haan)And how about an equally impractical bone-colored bag to match? (Wouldn't last a day on the El or Metra!)(Also Cole Haan.)Adorable earrings top it off. (DanaCastle on Etsy.)
And since shoes, handbags and jewelry are likely the only things with a consistent fit for the next few months, we'll just stop there.


jck said...

earrings and bags will fit, but maybe not the shoes. Swollen feet are a pretty common preggo thing - especially in summer. Some women go up a shoe size permanently...just prepare yourself...

Claire said...

Not sure to be dismayed ...or be interested in the possibility of a totally new shoe wardrobe.

I'm totally prepared for a strange woman to come up to me someday and say, "And they've told you about how you grow a horn in the third trimester, right??"


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