Gallery gazing

What do you think of a gallery wall for the guest room? It's kind of trendy. Probably why I like it, but also find myself a little conflicted. I should get over it, because it occurs to me that I've already done it anyway in the workroom!

I like the idea of gathering a collection of small framed art (cheap, likely source-able from Etsy and even thrift stores) and objects. Very Barnes Collection style, where the Renoirs hob-know with African masks and old skeleton keys. For guests it might be an intriguing accent to spend some time with when they've retired to bed at night (and are maybe waiting for their fellow guest to finish in the bathroom.)And to stick with the Philadelphia theme, what about oil-painted Tastycakes? Butterscotch crimpets!! (From mgenomgeno on Etsy.)Also, after learning that large artwork can be super expensive if it's anything beyond a poster in a Bed, Bath & Beyond frame, I keen on the 'whole is larger than the sum of its parts' idea.



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