I Judge

Everyone does it, you know you do. Standing in the aisles of Barnes & Noble you look at the books on the shelves and you judge them...by their covers.

Funny, with the kindle this practice is a little disabled, especially if you are shopping for your next book on your kindle. The best imagery is a black and white thumbnail image. That's how I ended up downloading "The Apothecary's Daughter" by Julie Klassen. It sounded very Jane Austenesque and a nice break after finishing the detailed historical non-fiction, Cleopatra. I read the new book in three days. I stayed up late reading. I read on the train. Even today at lunch I read the last pages at my desk. When the lunch hour technically expired I just lowered the kindle a little further into my lap and finished the last few pages.

Feeling the sudden regret that it was over and maybe I should have read slower towards the end to make it last longer, I went to the internet. If I could find some commentary on the book, see what the cover had looked like to deepen my picture of the heroine, it would not be over!

I felt a little silly when I did see the cover. Nothing I'd ever pick up off the shelf. It looks like teenage romance! A tick away from having Fabio on the cover if it were more mature. My chagrin and surprise grew more when I learned it was written by an author in the "Christian fiction" genre. Not even a section I'd browse in the bookstore, but it did explain why at one very pivotal moment in the book the characters decided to drop everything and pray.



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