Literally "Nesting"?

The weekly pregnancy updates I signed up for were warning that my sleep was going to get more and more uncomfortable. I've already lost the pleasure of rolling onto my tummy in the morning. And the sciatica... ugh.

So, as goofy as the pictures looked online, the reviews suggested a maternity body pillow might be worth it. Look at this woman, though big and pregnant, she is dwarfed in her big pillow. And that pillow, it's like a nest. She isliterally nesting! (Like those eagles in Iowa.)

I asked a mommy friend where Jason was supposed to sleep if I brought this onto our bed. She slyly replied, "It's not really about him anymore, is it?"

When Jason told me, "You got a really big box from Amazon today" I knew it had arrived. And the pillow is sooo comfortable. When I was testing it out Jason helpfully suggested, "Why don't we get up so that we can adjust the rest of the pillows around it better?" Naively I agreed, "Oh, good idea." I got up, he rolled into the pillow, closed his eyes and crossed his hands contentedly over his chest, pretending to fall asleep. "Hey!!!"

I think he may need a pillow too.



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