Make Way for Baby

Part of getting ready for baby involves moving my (just decorated!) workroom to share space with our guestroom. (Ugh, the feminist in me finds it all too ironic that it's my office that goes away to make room for child-bearing!)

That's why I'm really overhauling the guest room. That's also why I've been going through many of the things in our house in an effort to de-accession items from the collection. (A "free" ad on craigslist earlier this week prompted over 50 replies in less than 12 hours. More on that adventure later.)

Found in the excavation, was this classic item: the pattern for our donut bed! The "donut bed" was essentially two twin mattresses on the floor, surrounded by by a big foam pillow. The donut. No matter where you sleep, you have a pillow. Roll all the way around in a big circle and your head will always have support.

My guess is that this was Mom's crafty solution (she sewed it herself) for a toddler-safe bed, since its first appearance correlates with Juliet's arrival on the scene. And my likely eviction from the crib.

Me in the donut bed, circa 1977. "Pandy," panda bear appears in the background. Maybe I should reconsider the bed for the guest room?


jck said...

are the patterns for the pajamas and matching rug included? groovy.


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