Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

It was sort of nice to have the weekend to absorb our news: expecting a boy. Walking through Gap Kids (to get to the maternity section) and Old Navy (also heading to maternity) I passed by the kids clothes. This time I could identify which side I'd be shopping on for the next few years. I think it was curiously the left in both stores. Not embroidered purple sundresses, but camo cargo shorts. No kittens and bunnies, but dinosaurs and monsters.

It was with a tinge of regret that it dawned on me that Hello Kitty will be out for baby clothes, nursery decor and anything else I can put her on. There's just no way to butch Kitty up. Goofy to think of trying to shoehorn this into something boyish.

Jason teased me, "You haven't even had a brother! What are you going to do?!" ("I'm going to be outnumbered!" I moaned inwardly to myself. Someone to ally with Jason in an argument that a burp is a-okay at the table?!) Jason had earlier attempted to antagonize me by saying, "Well, now we know that our child can grow up to be president or a CEO someday!" I shot daggers at him.

It was at the end of the day when I read this sweet blog post, On Having a Boy. Motorcycles, pranks, windsurfing and whisky - the modern day snips and snails? On sharing the news with a co-worker (and mother to a son) today she exclaimed with joy, "Now you know that someone will love and adore you for the rest of your life!" "That's not my husband?" I asked. She replied that her son has responded to invitations to go out by responding, "Sure Mom, but do we have to bring that guy?" (Referring to dad!)



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