Time to Share

It's probably a little overdue to share some news I've been keeping quiet...at least on the internet.

Jason & I are expecting.
(I sure hope that most of you reading this heard it first from me or Jason, if we've had the chance to tell you personally!)

Right now I am growing; re-evaluating my closet for what options fit; dealing with random "side effects" of pregnancy; taking pre-natal vitamins; seeing more of my doctor than I've ever seen; and consulting with any friends who have added "mommy" to their titles.

Jason is mostly watching, but also kindly scooping all the kitty litter. (It seems like this is best perk of pregnancy...besides the eventual baby, of course. Pregnant women can't scoop litter for fear of toxoplasmosis.)

To cover the FAQs:

1. How have you been feeling?

First trimester was all nausea, all the time. But fortunately no actual sickness. I had kind of thought morning sickness was just about waking up, throwing up, wiping off your chin, and getting on with your day. Not so!

Without an appetite for much, but feeling better with any food in my stomach, the first trimester was weeks of eating like a frat boy. Pizza, onion rings and other things that tanked that whole fitness plan success pretty early.

Second trimester opened with tension headaches. Enough to send me to the mall for a chair massage one weekend.

2. Are you going to find out what you're having?
We're hoping it's a baby. ;)
We are finding out the gender, mark your calendars for the late April ultrasound.

3. Do you have a preference, boy or girl?

Jason will readily say boy. But I'm already that smug pregnant lady that says, "As long as it's healthy!"

4. Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? Are you showing?

Sort of. The number of eligible pants drops every morning I poke around in the closet. Sister and "mommy" Juliet took me shopping for some maternity wear so I could enjoy the comfort of hidden elastic waist bands as early as possible. Upon seeing the maternity jeans, Jason commented, "Do they make these for men? They look really comfy!"

My first complaint about maternity clothing is to question, "Do they realize pregnant women work?!" Most of what I find are jeans and cargo shorts, which are really not work appropriate. And what a challenge if you like brown pants!

The second question is, "How silly can maternity t-shirts get?" Really.


jck said...

The only maternity t-shirt I thought of getting was the "yes, I'm pregnant" t shirt. There is another that expands on that with "Yes, I'm pregnant, It's a boy, I'm feeling fine." or something like that. very helpful.

Elizabeth said...

That is so exciting!!!! I mentioned it to Geoff and he was like, oh yeah, she told me weeks ago. Seriously? I get no news through the Geoff filter.

I hope we can get together to celebrate soon - I have a bottle of sparkling apple juice with your name on it!

Rick Breckler said...

WOW!! Congratulations to you both! Does this put your due date in early September?

Claire said...

Oh shoot! The biggest FAQ missed! Yes, I'm due in early September.

(I thought maybe you might have heard via Tushar, Rick. But I'm kind of learning men aren't maybe as good at gleefully sharing the news...see Elizabeth's experience above!)


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