Baby's "Crib" Preview

This is clearly not a room ready for a child, but it is our nursery. Once upon a time it was my office, and the feminist in me finds it an ironic metaphor that this is the room that baby will be baby taking over.

However, the decorator in me is happy to think about re-working my workroom into a place for a baby boy. Here's what I'm thinking about for baby's room, beginning with keeping the current pale blue wall color (Benjamin Moore Blue Bonnet) and some of the orange accessories like these pillows.In the middle is a boppy cover I found on etsy that embodies a lot of the colors I like for the room: light blue, dark blue, orange and grey. (Boppy is a courteous hand-me-down from cousin June.)

These colors work with the existing rug (grey), the new rug from India, and a few other items I'm adding to the room, including an old milk crate (a possible toy catch-all coincidentally bearing the name of my employer!) and a new Crate & Barrel beanbag footrest. I may already be overdosing the orange, so I'll look for more balancing blue with further additions.The footrest is soft and intended for outdoor use, so I expect it will be durable. I was thinking about bringing in a glider or rocker until reading an OhDeeDoh (Apartment Therapy's kids blog) post entitled "Number One Item Readers Thought They Needed, But Didn't" and it was a rocking chair! Granted the comments spawned a feverish debate. I think we'll start with the existing cozy armchair plus footrest, and if needed there is a Plan B rocking chair I can bring in.

I like those old Animal Cracker tins, and imagine there must be some kind of baby supply that they can house?

For the walls, the current art will stay. I'm now realizing that I apparently have a natural penchant for juvenalia...or maybe my "clock" was already ticking. (Let's all roll our eyes at the cliche.)Clowns and animals, that seems right for baby! Also note the addition of dark blue curtains to add some masculinity to the room. Problematically, they are shorter than the last drapes, meaning I'll have to adjust the height of the curtain rod to avoid the look of flood pant curtains.

This jester wall hanging is a good big brother for the Pinnochio from Aunt Courtney and Uncle Lorenzo. And he was designed and hand-made by Grandma Patricia. (I still have the news clipping from the local paper featuring this guy as the winner of the craft fair contest at the local YWCA. Go Mom!) And it's not too hipster to keep the Modest Mouse poster, right?

So obviously we are still missing some essentials like um... a crib? But that's on order, so stay tuned for updates and a recap of the marital strife that may ensue as Jason and I attempt its assembly. There ought to be a Geek Squad equivalent for Babies R Us, guys who can just come to your home and figure this out for you.


jck said...

Lovely! I mean....very manly ;)


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