Cabo Recount

3 days without our luggage. (Nice job United Airlines, unable to get 2 bags on 1 direct flight.)

2 toiletry items then curiously discovered missing from our luggage, including a new can of Bumble & Bumble hairspray - either thanks to the TSA search (theft? misunderstanding of permissibility of aerosols? negligence?) or United's chain of possession. The contents of my bag had clearly been tossed around quite a bit.

2 pairs of Walmart underwear (see above)

Followed by 1 letter of complaint to be written to United whose stated policy is that they won't compensate you until you've been without your luggage for 72 hours. A policy that indicates you should *expect* them to handle your luggage incompetently.

4 pretty bad movies: Just Go With It with Adam Sandler, Due Date with Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis, The Dilemma with Vince Vaughn, and 2012 - a ridiculously over-the-top disaster movie with John Cusack. I recommend none of these.

2 "Expectant Mother" massages. It was such a joy to lie on my stomach! They didn't even need to touch me and I would have been delighted, just getting the chance for my own "tummy time."

4 1/2 books read: The Other Life by Ellen Meister. Bossypants by Tina Fey, which was not quite as funny as I thought it'd be. (David Sedaris is more my style, I suppose.) The Most Human Human, a recounting of the annual Turing Test competition where judges spend 5 minutes in an instant message conversation trying to decide if they've been talking to a human or an artificial intelligence program on a computer. The computers attempt to trick the judges into thinking they're human, and the humans try to prove in short bursts of small talk that they are human. I grinned and laughed aloud more at this book than Tina Fey's. The Bolter, the biography of five-times divorced Idina Sackville and her adventures in Edwardian England and Kenya. And now on my way through Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. I was really impressed that my kindle not only got service in Mexico, but that Amazon doesn't charge any fees for international access to download new books when I finished the four I'd read through. 1 afternoon nap, pretty much every day. If there's any way to store up sleep for the coming sleepless nights we'll have once the baby arrives, we tried our best.

Innumerable offers to purchase a timeshare. We began to claim that we were either unemployed and broke (true that we had received the stay through the generosity of Jason's mother) or that we were moving to Indonesia next year, a suitably far away and tropically-similar destination that would make the purchase of a timeshare in Cabo unreasonable. If you find yourself considering doing the timeshare property tour my advice is to hold out as long as possible as the enticements grow throughout your stay. Upon check-in they offer breakfast and a free drink coupon, by day three it was the breakfast, a free return to the airport, $200 at the spa, and $100 in dining.

1 dinner boat cruise. I joke with Jason that in my family no vacation would be considered complete if we weren't on a boat somehow: London, Amsterdam, the Jersey Shore. Humorously named the "Cabo Rey" it aptly came complete with a dinner show of traditional dancing. 3 hour delay on our flight home. Well done again, United: mechanical problems, a pilot who needed a more detailed passenger manifest, some guy's luggage mysteriously vibrating in the hold, and then sadly, a dog that hurt its mouth during the wait. The dog was ok to fly once the owner had a chance to attend to its injury and offer comfort. (Also 0 sandwiches left for our meal, after they'd been offered to everyone else in the cabin, so we had a nearly frozen chicken breast on top of lettuce for lunch.)

2 days left to enjoy before returning to work, thanks to the Memorial Day weekend. Though Chicago's weather is one big contrast: gloomy with predictions for thunderstorms.

Finally, a photo that will give you a little sense of that 1 baby in my ever-growing belly. We laughed every time Mexican merchants approached us to enter their shops by inviting, "Hello, honeymooners?!!" Might be a little late for the honeymoon, either that or they just took me to be another fat American.


Andra said...

Awww, and your baby belly look fantastic! :)

Leah said...

What she said!


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