Closet Confession

Sometimes I think about buying all new hangers, so that they'll match. This must be why I was drawn to this blog post, from former Sassy Magazine editor Jane Pratt's new website. (Yay! Leah, check it out!!) You've seen my closet. I don't organize by sleeve length or collar style; color is my key.

But then I realize that how much wasted money those hangers would be...even if it was only $40. Even if it was $4. Just silly, and obsessive.

The kind of behavior that would inspire others to say, "You really need to have a kid." And since I will be (having a kid) maybe I can at least get him all matching hangers?? No, that seems even more frivolous. If there's any time of your life that you don't have to worry about pressed pants and unwrinkled tops, let's hope it's when you are a baby. (And maybe if you work at the auto shop, animal shelter, or in the landscaping business.)



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