Just Thinking of You

This year brought an odd partnership on the calendar for May.Looking at pictures of my parents from their pre-kid days, you might suggest they were the odd partnership. And it's sort of related.

Sunday was Mother's Day, which I am typically a little cranky over, since the primary person I'd be celebrating isn't around. Although friend Ellyn reached out to remind me that the day may be changing in a personal, significant way as it soon will honor me as Mom too. Jason was a little dubious about celebrating this year, until I explained that this is like my "red-shirt freshman" year for mother's day - on the team but not really playing yet...but still eligible for that scholarship! Putting it in terms he understood gained the promise of a dinner out.

Then today, it was fifteen years since my Dad died. Which took me by surprise, dawning on me as I was sitting in a meeting talking to three other people about FDA submissions and their timing. After staring at the calendar on the wall for nearly 20 minutes it hit me why this date seemed so familiar and notable. So it was easy to feel reminiscent and maybe a little sad for a while, thinking of Mom and Dad.

But then Juliet cheered me with photos of the thief caught in her yard today. Bunny breakfast! With a beverage.The last photo is my favorite, as it has that "Caught on TV" look to it.Nothing like a bunny rabbit to make you smile, even on a gloomy day. (Thanks Juliet and Ellyn - too bad there isn't a Sister's day and a College Roommate day to honor you too!)


Ellyn said...

A very sweet post, Claire. You have every right to be sentimental remembering both your mom and dad at this time of year.

I'm glad you took some time to celebrate you with a dinner out on Mother's Day... and I like the idea of College Roommate Day!

JCK said...

Glad you liked the bunny. I saw him again today. The scamp!


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