Meet The Baby

Goofing around one night, I played with a "what will your child look like?" photo morpher found online. (Probably best that I didn't know about this when I was single, should it have become a criteria to run all candidates through.)

Taking this photo of me and Jason in India...The website predicted this as the face of our son.(That is supposed to be a little boy, though Jason insists it looks like a girl. How much can you expect from a free internet toy? At first it did accidentally think we were African-American, so this was an improvement!)

He's also apparently a pirate. I think we'd hoped for more, like scientist, professional athlete, architect or author. I just hope his career doesn't take him to Somalia.


Anonymous said...

How cute is he! I loved his first "photo(s)" even before we could see his precious little face!

JCK said...

Your boy will be way better looking - and hopefully not a mischievous pirate!


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