My Most Feminine Skills for Mother's Day

I feel like I've never impressed by Grandmother more than when I cook or sew. After bringing an apple tart to Easter one year (essentially sliced apples mixed in with sugar and placed on top of puff pastry, which was then folded over to make a crust) I was questioned multiple times, "You made this? You made this yourself?"

Sometimes I wonder if Grandma worries that I haven't picked up the essential female skills that she was well-schooled in growing up: sewing, cooking, child-rearing. In her day Grandma has sewn her own coats, slipcovers for furniture and many a holiday apron. If the apple tart impressed her, I am ready to bowl her over by giving birth!

I am hopeful that she will delight in a small mother's day gift that's on its way to her now: a fabric corsage, made from scraps from other projects.

It was a pretty simple, one afternoon project. For a little big of bling, I added an old earring to the center of the "carnation." And that's her Mother's Day card in the background too.

I am hoping that Gram will like it, and maybe can show it off a little in the senior center.



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