Thank You Belly Much

I saw my admin do it the other day. Standing by her side, about to explain to her how to sort an Excel spreadsheet for me, her eager hand sprung towards me, but stopped itself. She caught herself saying,"Oh I almost just touched your belly without thinking...or asking."

Since I've just rounded the corner of starting to really show the baby in my belly this is just the beginning. I'm going to be practicing my Bruce Lee windmill defensive reflexes. Of course, right now I'm much more in Kung Fu Panda shape.Some people might call it selfish, but I don't think it's everyone's privilege to touch me in a way that would be completely weird under any other situation. Though I am intruding beyond my own personal space doesn't mean you can. Uninvited hands off the belly! Coworkers particularly. I am considering poking everyone back, and asking how far along they are. But I confess even this makes me uncomfortable!


jck said...

Well if we can't touch it, at least give us a picture!


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