But She Wouldn't Do It

It hadn't occurred to me until I read the headline of this NYT piece, women politicians seem to rarely (if ever?) get caught up in sex scandals.

It would be easy to file this under the category of “men behaving badly,” to dismiss it as a testosterone-induced, hard-wired connection between sex and power (powerful men attract women, powerful women repel men). And some might conclude that busy working women don’t have time to cheat. (“While I’m at home changing diapers, I just couldn’t conceive of it,” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, the New York Democrat, once said.)

And if the chance to minimize these stupid Weiner-gate scandals isn't tempting enough to want to elect a woman:

"Once elected, women feel pressure to work harder, said Kathryn Pearson, an expert on Congress at the University of Minnesota. Her studies of the House show women introduce more bills, participate more vigorously in key legislative debates and give more of the one-minute speeches that open each daily session. In 2005 and 2006, women averaged 14.9 one-minute speeches; men averaged 6.5."

It's not that I necessarily believe women are more faithful and honest than men (every crate has its bad apples), which is probably why the headline drew my surprise and attention with its odd truth. I was proud of my female politicians though.


Neil Deegan said...

I will say that I am very pleased to work for a woman member of Congress!


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