Doc for Tot

There were a few episodes of panic this week, which lead to generally more moments of distress and tearfulness.
But, really did anything serious happen? No. Were there any catastrophic occurrences? No.

What happened was I'd fallen behind the hospital's deadline for pre-registry for delivery because you to have your child's pediatrician lined up. I hadn't even thought of this.

Then in another hospital-sponsored drama, I learned that the classes that promise to orient me and Jason to the compounding wonders of nature that are childbirth, breastfeeding, and baby care basics, were booked up. Let's hope baby arrives in time or a little tardy, since I won't know how to feed him until about five days prior to his arrival! (We did sneak into a marathon weekend class on childbirth, and baby care basics on two August weeknights.)

As for the pediatrician, if it were just a doctor for me I'd have only two questions: "Do you take my insurance?" and "How soon can I get an appointment?" And despite having a very positive conversation with the candidate pediatrician's office manager, I was feeling guilty when she'd asked me twice if I wanted to come in to meet the doctor. There didn't seem to be any way to nonchalantly say, "Nah, I think we're good," and not seem like a bad mommy.

Saturday was my "meet and greet" with the pediatrician. She immediately put me at ease by explaining that if I don't make it to that breast-feeding class, there are daily classes at the hospital nursery for moms with babies in hand. (There were some other surprising breast-feeding facts I learned, but that's too detailed for this little post.) I agreed strongly with her favorable opinions on vaccines too. Herd immunity!

Check those boxes for pediatrician and dismissing anxiety over the classes.

One drawback: in reading the pediatrician bios in the waiting room today I saw a detail that gave me a minor tinge of bad wife guilt... the doctor is a University of Michigan graduate. I promised Jason that if it bothered him, baby can be dressed in Ohio State gear for each doctor's visit.



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