I Covet

Not being inclined to buy any clothes for the next few months (I have enough maternity wear, and so little of it is really stuff I love...) that occasional "I want" energy has to be turned elsewhere.

Shoes don't work. The threat that my feet could change a whole size during pregnancy...and never go back....freaks me out. (Of course I'm still more freaked by the entire labor and delivery process to come. This will be explored in all its gory detail during a weekend childbirth class in August. It'll be like attending high school Health class with Jason, except in the end we will ultimately not share an egg or a flour sack, but a real kid.)

I've filled the registries at Amazon and Babies R' Us with lots of stuff for baby. It's gotten to the point of frivolity with CDs of Radiohead and Coldplay lullabye music and stuffed animals that can be programmed to say baby's name.

So I'm left to covet other items...like diaper bags that are super cute (but super expensive...figures!)

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Society Satchel

Which one...yellow? red? green? (All three are on my Amazon Wishlist, reflecting my indecision.)

To address my craving (in a frugal way) I've bid on eBay (and lost) and entered a drawing to win one (and lost).

If all else fails, I may invoke a request for a "push present." It'd be much cheaper than Mariah Carey's $12,000 pink diamond and Rachel Zoe's $250,000 diamond ring.

A mommy friend advised just picking a diaper bag that I like, since most likely I'll be the one carrying it (not Jason.) But to address the times that Jason will be toting baby around, I did register for the manly Diaper Dude bag. (Which I'd also be ok with.)My only diaper bag bottom line principle is that it look like an adult bag. Unless baby is planning on carrying it himself.


Rick Breckler said...

Claire - Angie got me that exact diaper bag when we had Ruby. That was 'mine' and she had hers. Hers got so worn out that this bag has become 'ours' the 2nd time around.

I like it...don't mind carrying it around at all. It's a little small for the amount of stuff that Angie likes to put in it...but that's just a matter of getting your routine down with what you really need to take with you, etc.

Good luck in the coming months--


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