In Honor of Fathers

This week marked the last of doctor-sanctioned business travel prior to baby. I made the most of it by hopscotching from Chicago to Florida to Houston and back to Chicago (arriving just in time to miss on the massive computer problems that tangled United Airlines flights for hours!)

While in Florida, I detoured to visit Aunt Marion & Uncle Glenn who retired there about 10 years ago. Grandma recently joined them there, so it was a double-hitter. With Grandma's move came her photo albums, and since Marion & Glenn had both the photos and a scanner I made myself a little project while I was there to capture the family photo archives dating back to my great, great grandfather.

In honor of Father's Day, here are the men that preceded me on my father's side:
Great Great GrandfatherGreat Grandfather, on the left with the moustache, a Pennsylvania coal miner. Grandpa, with my young Dad and Aunt Marion This photo is a classic in our family, for its contrast of Grandpa looking so 1940s gangster (complete with cigarette and hat brim lowered) and the innocence of Dad and Marion in their sailor outfits holding American flags. Looking through the other photos of distant relatives back home in Czechoslovakia, that sailor outfit turns up on other little boys who were sent the hand-me-downs. Grandpa's three-piece suit belies his day job as maintenance and moving man at the Empire State Building.

And my Dad, with us at Buttermilk Falls in the Adirondacks, in classic late 1970s style (check out that collar.) Happy Father's Day to this generation of Dads, and Dads-to-be in our case!

P.S. Believe it or not, this is my 1,000th blog post!


Jon Doe said...

Hello. I see that we have the same koczak name in common. I do know that they came from around Kisvarda in the Szabolcs Szatmar region of Hungary and close to Ungvar. I was just there for a second time on Sunday. Does your Koczak family come from the same region? My Great Great Grandmother was a Koczak named Julianna. I do know that some of the relatives were here on the east coast. All I know is that one was named Albert Koczak or Kozak. I know that I have some family around Jim Thorpe, PA that worked in the coal mines. I do know that they were hungarian but I know nothing more. Maybe you can help me out. can you send me an email to my address?

Claire said...

Hello, and thanks for your comments. We may be somewhere on the same family tree. If you'd like, please post another comment with your email address and I can reply offline. (I won't publish the comment with your email address!) Indeed, I think my family's hometown stayed in the same location, but changed its country a number of times through out history.


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