Registry Ruminations

When did this blog become all about expecting a baby? Well, here's the pleasure of having a blog that's really just about me and isn't beholden to any particular theme or storyline; it can meander to exactly where my life is going these days. And right now, all roads are towards parenthood.For the journey we need gear. For a person so small, and so initially immobile, a baby requires a lot of stuff. According to the stern Irish-grandma-type, Babies R' Us employee I overheard briefing a newly registering couple this weekend, "Your registry must have at least 100-150 items on it. If you don't have enough items your friends and family will come to me and be upset, because there will be nothing on your registry left to buy." I was relieved that I'd started my registry online and was spared the lecture.

Scanner gun in hand, and with an expert Mommy at my side (friend Jill, mother of two) I took to the aisles of Babies R' Us to load up the registry. If not for me, if not for my baby, but really for my friends and family who would otherwise be tragically upset. My personal maternity concierge, Jill, printed out the Babies R' Us list of 200-something "essentials" and began crossing items out, highlighting others, and making the sweet note by the "burp clothes" saying, "You!" indicating that my homemade crafts will more than suffice for this essential.

Other members of the Mommy Advisory Council weighed in with their thoughts (thank you Ellyn, Sura and Juliet.) Of course, this revealed strong differences of opinions: baby bjorn versus ergo versus moby wrap, as an example. And Diaper Genie, you are controversial. I am still debating the Moses basket idea. So expensive, yet so limited in its lifespan of utility (only until baby weighs 15 lbs.)

Once the basics were covered (crib mattress, stroller, car seat) I was able to start adding the frivolities. Like the Gyro Bowl that Jason became fascinated with after seeing a television infomercial. It is seriously kind of a marvel.

I knew I'd fallen into the spirit of the game when I overheard myself saying, "Oh, and I'm kind of excited about our swing, it's got little bunny ears!" I stopped and had to roll my eyes at myself.

Later I wondered, when a mother in Africa is expecting, what does she consider necessary to prepare? Even with my registry of a paltry 56 items (barely half of what Babies R Us clerks will recommend) it seems like so much. But then I wondered if week two of parenthood will have me feeling, "There's not enough! We're not prepared!"

And that's when everyone who's already a parent sighs and says, "You'll really never be prepared."

What else scares me about the registry process? Products called the "Woombie Lil' Houdini" where it appears that your child has been placed in a straight jacket.



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