Sense of Entitlement

They've just converted the ladies' (and I assume also men's) room on my floor at work. With the renovation unfortunately the blah white and blue tiles stayed (I was hoping for something more modern) but the toilets and sinks were converted to automatic flushers and faucets. Even the hand dryer is now automatic.

I wave my hand over the back of the toilet and it flushes. I walk up to the sink and it serves me with water. The dryer is immediately at my service when I place my hands under its spout.

This is nice and likely more sanitary. The bathroom may now be cleaner than the photocopier. However, the negative impact is the habits I've realized it creates when I go to other restrooms. On occasion, I've caught myself nearly leaving the stall without a flush. (How awful and inconsiderate for the next person!) At airports, I've walked up to the sink and dumbly stood there, 5 seconds later impatiently wondering, "Where's the water? Is this broken!?" No, it's just an old-fashioned, *self-serve* sink.

Such a chore. This is not the standard to which I've become accustomed.



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