To Do: Columbus

We'll be in town by the end of next month for a baby shower, so the mental list of people to see and places to go in Columbus is starting to be written.
When my curiosity led me to a story about the best ice cream shops in America, I already found myself in Columbus.
Add Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams to that list, please. (I know, so cliche - a pregnant lady looking for her ice cream fix.)

Here are some of the flavors that I could go for:
Pure, intense, and feisty black peppermint restrained and mellowed by sweet cream. True mint ice cream.And then this is intriguing...
Sharp citrus and cool, smoke-y Indian cardamom in tangy yogurt laced with ribbons of sweet, pink, roasted rhubarb ribbons. Exotic, aromatic, refreshing.WILD LAVENDER
Fruity, with brambly berry flavors, citrus zest, exotic spices, and lavender essential oil.Not sure if I'd want to eat that flavor, or be massaged with it.

Any recommedations for someone who'll just have a day to test these out?


Nancy said...

I can only tell you that Jeni's is top rated! I've had ice cream there once and it was just as promised - wonderful! You can enjoy all that you're wondering about....just ask for a sample:)

Nancy said...

I can assure you Jeni's is top rated! I've only had her ice cream one time but recently a radio station here took comments about best ice cream and she won hands down! Also, you can enjoy ALL that you're wondering about...just ask for a sample:)


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