Holiday Weekend

This was a nice, relaxing, do-nothing-special kind of holiday weekend. The red, white and blue bunting was up on the balcony and an early departure from work on Friday started it off. Then there was also:

- Yoga class - loving the pigeon pose for pregnancy-related sciatica relief. I'm sometimes surprised that I still balance relatively well with a baby on board.

- Eye doctor - new contacts, but not a very different prescription. This was on the list of things to get squared away before the baby comes.

- Hair cut - same as above. I'm kind of glad my hair's long enough to be pulled into pony tails, seems like that may come in handy in a few months

- Dinner outside at Mon Ami Gabi in Lincoln Park. A French bistro style-dinner, paid completely with gift cards...which we'd received for our wedding nearly four years ago! Juicy summer tomato and avocado salad, filet mignon with frites, and a light chocolate mousse to finish. (A belated thanks to Sam & Frosty.) - Close-to-finishing touches on the nursery and the guest room (more on that later, when they are actually closer to done. I'm almost there. I hung probably 10 pictures this weekend.)

- Monday afternoon nap (I get a lot more tired these days, despite doing not much more than grocery shopping and errands!) Which also explains what happened to most of Sunday...lolling around on the couch reading. Jason and at least one of the cats joined me for Monday's nap, completing the lazy weekend.



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