How are You Feeling?

It's asked with such greater weight nowadays (commensurate perhaps with the weight I've gained through 7 1/2 months of pregnancy): How are you feeling?

Well, my feet are so swollen that I look down and think I'm Miss Piggy. (Or I think I must be looking at a photo from one of the medical journals we get at work, describing a case study of a vicious bee sting.)Last weekend I spent enough time napping on the couch that Jason must have wondered if I'd bitten the same apple as her. Which might make sense, because my stomach has been feeling like this grumpy fellow is hanging out inside of it, unhappy with pretty much anything that goes down there... even the prenatal vitamins. And sometimes I have the energetic, optimistic attitude of Eeyore.And while I wish the wrist guards I'm sporting occasionally to alleviate the swelling in my arms that's causing carpal tunnel had the same panache as Wonder Woman's and Jason have instead asked when my bowling tournament starts.



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