I Win!

After some serious e-bay auction tracking and selective bidding, my new, indulgent diaper bag has arrived!At the office I've pointed out to my managers that projects go through a system where we literally hear our work is being REJECTED, every week. It can be totally demoralizing if you take your work too seriously or personally. Today at work I was rejected...again. I've learned to laugh when things get really inane. (Case in point being this week where our ad agency presented a number of concepts focused on the "iconic, unmistakable Brooklyn Bridge"... except all their sketches featured the Manhattan Bridge.)

Bidding on e-bay started to demand an unsinkable optimism too, after a number of LOSING auctions when the price got too high for me to pursue bidding further.

But finally, the joy of VICTORY. (At 40% off retail price too.)

See how well the bag matches with baby's car seat? Must have been meant to be. (And thanks to Sura and family in Maine, Jason has the Diaper Dude bag too!)


jck said...

i think your ad agency should be fired. Do they not have the internet at their office? that is SOOO EMBARRASSING!! Did you get to be the one to show them a picture of the real Brooklyn Bridge.

Claire said...

Yeah, except we all sat there and probably thought, "Huh, is that...well, whatever, ok." They were super embarrassed when our local sales manager pointed it out on a conference call. (They are re-doing the sketches for free.)


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