Nearer to the Nursery

I can add another question to the pregnant lady FAQ's. Besides the "how are you feeling?" and "do you know what you're having?" the oft-asked question is, "Are you done with the nursery yet?"

Ugh, I really wasn't. There were boxes and an unassembled crib, and piles of clothes, hand-me-downs, and various items I'd been putting aside. People asked the nursery question (often!) and it would trigger a feeling of sinking anxiety. Then they'd cheerfully exclaim, "Oh, you won't really need it for the first month or so anyway!" I wanted to retort, "THEN WHY ARE YOU ASKING AND MAKING ME STRESSED ABOUT IT???!!!"

I may be a little irritable in the third trimester.

So this weekend I put my belly to the grindstone and tried to pull the room together. Jason initiated the crib assembly the other weekend, which ended up being a bit of a challenge to our marriage. But both crib and marriage are looking good now.

And here's how the nursery is looking!Crib is assembled! It seems like the size of a small car, and rather big for such a small baby. Mattress and sheets are to come, but that's a little souvenir from the babymoon in Cabo draped over the side. For the sharp-eyed, I can confirm that that is a picture of the Ohio State stadium on the wall. I'd probably object more notably if we were expecting a girl, but since Jason has pretty much let me make 98% of the nursery decisions, I figured I could entertain some Buckeye accents. And the baby is coincidentally due on the day of the season opener. How poetic for Jason. It was me who thought this hand-knit cap was an adorable Father's Day gift (from Etsy.) Brutus is sitting atop a teddy bear made by my Mom. I may regret opening the door to this, since Jason came home today delighted show me an Ohio poster he'd purchased, thinking of the nursery. How does one put the Buckeye back in the bottle?

There are a few items still pending, like these cute biplane wall decals. Despite spending a good deal of time admiring the stylish and minimalist nurseries on sites like OhDeeDoh (Apartment Therapy's kids blog), I have trouble with blank spaces. And after Juliet once told me a horrifying story that began with, "All I knew was that I woke up covered in blood and shattered glass..." I have a bit of an irrational fear of pictures falling off walls onto the heads of unsuspecting sleepers. (Juliet was fine. She can be counted on to tell a good story though and influences my decision for nothing but soft stickers over sleeping baby's head.)


Sura said...

Looks great Claire!

juliet said...

Falling pictures is a completely rational fear, no matter how good you are at picture hanging! I'll also warn you (again, from experience), that picture frames above the changing table will be a problem in a few months. Babies tend to flail quite a bit during diaper changes. But you should be okay for the first couple months :) Luckily neither my baby nor I was hurt discovering this.
The nursery is beautiful. I can't wait to see it in person.

Claire said...

Yes, Juliet, your comments reminds me that I was thinking of some kind of mobile over the changing area, like this this one. But hung high enough to avoid flailing baby limbs. I also have to remember secure the changing pad to the chest...or else down will come baby cradle and all!

juliet said...

ah, yes, on closer inspection i see that the changing table is not below the pictures. Nicely done. You're going to be a great Mommy!


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