Overcommit much?

As if I didn't have enough on my mind, or enough to do...signing up to learn a new hobby seemed somehow sensible when a Groupon invite showed up in my email in-box. I'm learning to crochet!

It became worse when I thought it was a one-night intro class, but then learned it's a five week class. (And for reference, I have six weeks until baby arrives.) But I'd already bought the Groupon.

Maybe I was taken by the notion of crocheting baby blankets, or someday recreating the baby sandals that my mom used to craft. I figure I will give it a shot , but also reconcile myself to the possibility that I might not make it through the entire session.

Darn you, Groupon! Tempting me to sign up for things I may never finish!

Someday I'd like to make a zig-zag blanket for my own. With my self-scheduling issues, it could be for baby's college dorm room.



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