This past week was the start of the 'shower season' for baby, and I already I feel dripping wet with the love and kindness of my friends. (And the family shower is still to come!) It makes me feel unusually mushy and loved inside.

The kick-off was likely the most novel celebration, held on the upper-level of the Union Pacific North Metra line, from 5:26 pm until its 6:12 pm arrival at my train station. My clever commuter friends arranged to be driven two stations north, giving them just enough time to blow up balloons and hang streamers. The party wasn't a surprise, since they'd needed to confirm I'd be on the train and not driving, but the lengths they went to did unexpectedly delight me. There were cupcakes and gifts, including baby's own Metra toy train! Since I'd earlier joked that the station names of my commute might not be altogether bad names for baby, this seems appropriate. Little Clyborn Evanston will adore it!With the gender mix favoring the guys, there was also beer, though served in little blue and red striped party cups for a change. One "guest" commented that the best part was that unlike other prolonged festivities, we all knew exactly when it would end. Those guys were so clever and kind!

The girls showed up this weekend though for the Chicago shower. Two of those girls being Juliet arriving all the way from Philadelphia, and Ellyn from Connecticut. Three-year-old daughter Clara accompanied Ellyn and busied herself by giving party guests Dora the Explorer stickers and taking coloring book commissions. However, the longest distance traveler was friend Dipti's mother, who was visiting from India. Baby now has the most adorable Indian children's outfit, to match Dad's out for our Christmas card!

In the planning and preparation, I enjoyed the chance to put up tissue paper pompoms, a decoration that I'd been just waiting for an excuse to enjoy. No surprise, the cats were fascinated. Here Piper keeps a wary eye on the lowest, and biggest, of the bunch.My guests all brought their own adorable baby photos for us to guess their now adult identities. While the train shower photos are poor because I just had my camera phone, the Chicago photos are lacking because once guests arrived I found myself entertaining. (Ellyn did thoughtfully bring a camera though, so posterity will not be deprived of my discovering the treasures buried in blue tissue paper.)

We noshed on tea sandwiches and salad. I particularly recommend Better Homes & Garden's Corn & Blueberry Salad, which we paired with the simple and tasty Green Salad from Jamie Oliver and the Food Network. Yum, and perfect for a very hot and humid Chicago day.

I will be busy writing my thank-you cards for the thoughtful variety of gifts unwrapped, including registry essentials, handmade gifts, and the gift cards that will make their givers investors in those big-ticket items like strollers. I don't think it's just the pregnancy hormones - I feel so humbled and flattered by the affection my friends have showed sharing the cheer of welcoming baby. It's nice to have little tears well up in your eyes because you feel so happy and loved. (Ok, maybe the tears are from the hormones.)


Rick Breckler said...

Wow, the train baby shower is a great story--how cool!


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