Everyone Needs One of These

One item that became part of my pregnancy wardrobe was the Bella Band (or its cheaper Target version, the BeBand.) Early in pregnancy it's intended to allow a pregnant lady to continue to wear her normal pants a bit longer. It's an awkward feeling though, because you're basically walking around with your pants unbuttoned and unzipped, but hidden, held up and together by a stretchy band. (It might also be helpful for Thanksgiving.) At this point in my pregnancy I am just tired of my maternity tops and have used the band to allow me to wear some of my larger regular tops without revealing any belly in the underhang of my shirt.

I've come to realize that this maternity accessory may have its utility for the younger set. Those ladies wearing their low slung, hip hugger jeans, which often also reveal their underwear (usually a thong) underneath. It's known as "whale tail." Fitting a longer camisole underneath a top isn't always practical since low jeans are often topped by a tight little top. So, if I could be an advocate of a small addition to every young lady's wardrobe, it'd be the Bella Band. A secure covering for the exposed backside - although Jason pointed out that some of those young ladies might be exposing themselves intentionally.

I might get one of these (not stretched from my current belly) for my own lower jeans when I can fit back into them...someday.



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