Finishing Touches

Yes, there are still some glaring omissions from the nursery, besides just the baby.
Like, a mattress.
Like that the crib is still at the wrong level even if we had a mattress.

I am considering the best way to make a trip to Babies R' Us sound like something a husband wants to do on a weekend. My best hope is the hot dog and milk shake place across the street.

In the meantime there are a few, smaller finishing touches to share.

Biplanes! (See, this is a boy's room!)Wall decals from etsy. They are grey with white clouds for a subtle touch of decoration, but one that's also a little hard to photograph.

This little guy is going off radar, lost in a daydream.Helping to pull together the room's colors is a handmade quilt from Juliet. Really sweet. Snuggly monkey from Amanda & Jough! Piper points out that she matches the room quite nicely too, with her orange fur.


Vivi said...

The room is coming together nicely! Our baby nook is also coming together in bits and pieces. We have a mattress, but no sheets. We have a changing pad, but no table. Hopefully it'll be done before the baby arrives! :)


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