When I was in high school I'd sometimes get in such a mood that I'd start listing the things that I hated on a piece of my looseleaf. It was a good way to pass the time in history class when we weren't being taught history because my peers were chattering and being rude. And the teacher was fighting a losing battle trying to get them to care. (I *loved* high school!)

Now I find myself in one of those grumpy moods. Reading this fellow blogger's list had me grinning in agreement. She's also pregnant so I could completely agree with items like "1. Baby boy clothes with lame writing on them like: "Mommy's New Man" or "Say Hello to Mr. Wonderful" or "Chicks Dig Me." Why are we now dressing our baby boys like ugly American tourists in brash slogan t-shirts?"

For my own list, I'd add:

1. People who board narrow corporate shuttle buses (my daily chariot from train station to office) from the front forward, leaving the pregnant lady to shimmy her way through the narrow aisle to the empty row of seats at the back. Board from the rear forward, people! Like an airplane.

2. A house that falls apart all at once. Curtain rods fall from the wall. Drains that back up. The contractor that took our sliding screen door to fix it six weeks ago and now isn't returning our phone calls. I feel like it's escalated to a hostage crisis, where I'm leaving messages pleading with him just to bring back the broken screen, no questions asked, so we can open our window again. All this falling apart and me all of 8 months pregnant where I know everyone will be mad at me if I try to climb a ladder and fix anything. The checkout girl at the supermarket already tsk-d tsk-d when I lifted a 12 pack of soda into the shopping cart.

3. Well-intended people who tell me not to do stuff, like the lady at the Walgreens who made me take a cart to the parking lot. Seriously, she wouldn't give me my bags until I grabbed a cart...despite the fact that'd I'd been happily shopping with a basket on my arm for a half hour. Taking the cart meant more work since I had to traverse the parking lot again to return it. It was hot. I was mad.

4. Being a widow to the words "software deployment" - a project that has kept Jason at work every night this week until after 8, after 10, and sometimes after midnight. I'm trying to be glad that the deployment itself isn't the weekend where our marathon childbirth class is scheduled. I'm trying to be patient, but confess that sometimes I want to call his bosses and tell them to send Jason home, because I am downstairs with a tummy ache and the TUMS is upstairs. I need him to bring it to me, please.

5. Weight gain. Hate it.

6. Heat that makes me want a nap after just an hour of errands.

7. The ironic part: feeling grumpy makes me grumpy. 8. That there is an entire week between new episodes of Project Runway.

9. Salad is less appetizing than ice cream. I should eat more salad, less Stephen Colbert Americone Dream.

10. Not being able to discern who's telling the truth between the ladies at work who say, "Aw, you're just one of those cute pregnant ladies!" and the guy co-worker who says, "Yeah, you look uncomfortable and...swollen" while gesturing to his face.

11. SPCA commercials that make me want to cry and run out and adopt every single animal at the shelter.


Vivi said...

2. Me too! Seriously... why does that happen and why is it happening now?!

3. I've had that type of thing happen too. And why do those kind of people act like you should be so grateful for the fact that they forced their opinions on you?

5,6, 7 yep, yes, ditto

10. I know! Who IS being honest??

11. Gets me every darn time.


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