A Mobile for the Little Man

There's lots to do, like writing thank you cards, assembling a "pack and play", figuring out how a carseat goes into the car, crochet class homework, and delegating my work to lucky co-workers. So why not also embark on a new little craft project for baby's room? A mobile! I spied something like it on etsy, and realized I could make it myself with the right supplies: felt balls, wire hangers, and some string. (And another blogger helped me confirm the gist of its assembly.) I know my boundaries though and ordered the felt balls. (I know they aren't that hard to make, but let's find some limits.) Plucking the orange, blue and green ones out, I threaded them onto string, and then tied them to the wire frame. It was pretty quick.

Here's the final product, hanging above the intended place for changing baby's diapers. Conveniently, the heating and cooling vent is just above, which should provide some gentle breezes to encourage movement. If time permits I might try to add some sewn felt boxes or balls in black and white high contrast to attract baby's eye. (Plan B: buy these too.) The little balls are probably easier for an adult eye to catch. And don't worry, it's high enough to be far away from grabby little hands (and curious cats, I think. Or else stay tuned for a far more interesting post that involves calamity caused by cats.)


Stephanie said...

Hi, I found your blog while googling "felt ball and wire mobiles." I've been trying to remake this one from Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/listing/45792253/polka-dot-modern-felt-ball-baby-mobile?) and failed miserabley using jewelery wire. Looks like you did wire for the horizontal pieces and you did string for the vertical pieces? Can you advise about the kind of wire and kind of string?
Trying to put this together for my baby due in 2 weeks!

Claire said...

I was also trying to copy something I'd seen on Etsy!
For the horizontal pieces I used a wire hanger, cut into 3 pieces. (as demonstrated here)
For the string, I used thin cotton crochet thread.
I just used a large needle and pushed it thru the felt balls and knotted the strong to hold them in place. I just knotted the strings of balls onto the hanger wire.
Over a year later, it's still holding!
Good luck with boy your mobile and your new baby!


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