No News is Just No News

If I had a dollar for everyone I saw at the office on Monday who exclaimed, "You're still here??!" I could have paid for my lunch at the cafeteria. And worse was that every person who said this thought they were enormously clever and funny. "Ha-ha-ha-ha," says the uncomfortable pregnant lady. (Due date is still a few weeks away.)

And just in case blog readers are wondering, I haven't been blogging so much because I've been busy, not because there's already a baby in my arms. I promise, you'll hear about that.

There is progress to report:

Though lamented in a prior post, we've now got a place for baby to sleep, courtesy of the never-ending generosity of Grandma Nancy. Mattress is installed, sheets atop it. Pack n' Play is also assembled. Baby now has his pick of sleeping stations. None of which he'll like on some nights, I'm sure.

And with that screen door that was held hostage by our contractor returning I began to wonder if all I had to do to make wishes come true was blog about them, I'd have asked for much more, much sooner. World peace, please! Chocolate ice cream that burns calories! Cats who can trim their own claws! (And maybe do the laundry for us too.)And maybe I'd wish for co-workers who say either genuinely funny things, or nothing at all.

I even finished up my crochet class, with three mostly finished scarves to show for it. Must finish those soon, stay tuned for pictures.


abby said...

Just wait until you are 10 days past your due date and still going into the office. Then people will say, "Wasn't that baby supposed to arrive like a week ago?" Yes, you'll say, yes. And continue on...

Rick Breckler said...

Oh, know you're getting close to the end when people's comments really set you off. I remember Angie going through that..."Wow, you're about ready to pop" was always common. And of course people feeling the need to touch the belly. Almost like it's a crystal ball or something...all these people thinking they need to reach out and touch!

Good luck in the next few weeks!

Jean Therapy said...

I'm sorry. I don't know why people in the office feel like it's A-okay to make bizarre pregnancy jokes that feel like backhanded stabs.

At least you're not my current coworker who was asked if she was expecting by a male sales rep. She of course isn't pregnant in any way, shape or form. Needless to say we're not doing business with this rather unaware human being.



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