One of My Very Favorite Places

One of my very favorite places is the Paper Source store. I'm not even a scrap booker, but I am a note writer, occasional journal keeper, and complete sucker for colorful, beautiful paper products.

I had a legitimate purpose for going to the store (envelopes for the thank you notes that inevitably follow all these baby showers!) but of course I found myself picking up many things not on the shopping list. The last time I was at the store I filled my arms with so much stuff that I dropped it all just three feet short of the register. Oopsie.

Here are some of my very favorite Paper Source items.

The Wall CalendarLots of gifts no one really needs, but anyone might be delighted by like...this owl mug, though I decided birds and owls are a little overdone right now.Erasers that remind me of being seven years old in Japan.Note cards, note cards, note cards: love. love. love. I fell in love with a graphic from last year's calendar, and found it in note cards. Their designs are bright, modern, and stylish. After watching my Grandma check her mailbox at the senior center in Florida and finding it empty, I might need to start sending her more cards, so we can both enjoy these cards.

And as the name suggests, pretty papers, from Japan, India, Nepal and even Paper Source's own designs. You might remember some Paper Source paper from the cabinet project when we first moved in. I already want to go back, since this paper could find some purpose in our bedroom.



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