Shower Front Moving East

It was a road trip this weekend for me, Jason, and the baby in my belly. Through Indiana (and this wind farm) to Ohio. We learned by observation (and Google confirmation) that corn and soybeans are Indiana's primary crops. Also, there's a swath of states running east to west that claim the cardinal as their state bird: Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

But that is truly trivial, as our primary purpose was to head towards the extravaganza of adorable that was Baby Shower Ohio, hosted by mother-in-law and "cruise director," Nancy.

Jason's family may have a future business in party planning as all hands were on deck to pull together the many thoughtful details of this party. (I knew this for sure when brother-in-law Lorenzo gave me tips on how the diaper cake had been put together.)

Giraffes, polka dots, grey stripes, and yellow and orange were the festive theme, apparent on the invitation, tables, decorations and party favors. Lemonade and fizzy clementine soda kept guests hydrated for the games, and me for opening the mountain of generous gifts. I feel far more prepared for baby after these two weekends.A thoughtfully set table with flowers in my favorite colors, bright oranges, green and yellows. Tissue paper napkin rings later made a lovely wrist corsage. Note that even the serving dishes and hand towels were on theme, in orange polka dots. I am still thinking about the sweet and delicious cake pops. Yum. Yum. Yum. Delicate and pretty cookies, atop a hand-sewn tablecloth by sister-in-law and event seamstress, Courtney. Guests left with gift bags filled with personalized M&Ms, frosted Cheryl's cookies (a signature Columbus treat) and other goodies. If you are interested in replicating this shower, I'm told you can start with Dimple Prints, via etsy. But you'd have to ask Jason's family if they are for hire for the full event hoopla. Thank you Nancy, Courtney, Lorenzo, Dennis, Mary Beth...and anyone else whose able and/or idle hands were likely drafted into service for the party preparations. It was a very lovely shower.

Stay tuned for further baby updates which may primarily involve my starting to assemble the many new pieces of furniture that babies require. (And that friends and family have generously given us!)


juliet said...

Wow! The party looks amazing!!! Nice job, Columbus! I love the little gift bags.

Sura said...

Adorable! It all looks amazing!


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