Sleep Tight Baby

One of the many various anxious thoughts that have crossed my mind thinking about baby's arrival is "where will he sleep?"

We are not without options, but they are all about halfway there: a crib without a mattress, a playard that's still in its box, and a moses basket whose transfer needs to be organized with a coworker who's getting rid of it.

I told Jason about my fears that there will be no place for baby to lay his head, and Jason replied, "We have cat beds. We can use one of those."

It seemed appropriate to find Where Children Sleep, a book by James Mollison that features children from around the world and where they sleep at night. Let's hope we won't be adding a cat bed in Chicago.


juliet said...

June preferred sleeping in her swing and carseat for the first four months (both of which you have)- so I think you're all set! Of course her favorite place to sleep was in my arms, so I think you've go that covered too :)


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