This Weekend

This weekend was mostly our marathon childbirth class. Saturday and Sunday.

It feels a bit like cramming for a test, since we are just about three weeks away from baby's official due date. We had the very earliest due date of any couple in the class, so every time the teacher mentioned something we should practice it was followed by a "...particularly you, Claire." I wanted to protest that I'd tried to get us into an earlier class, but they'd been all booked up!

Though meant to reduce anxiety through education, I think Jason and I both walked out of the first day's class a little horrified by the details.

But there's just one way out of this now. I told my friend it feels like standing on the top of a mountain and knowing that the only way down is to ski it, even though you're really afraid of skiing and know it could end up hurting... a lot. Fortunately the class videos also did a good job of conveying how crazy happy and exhilarated we'll be when baby arrives. Even better than hot chocolate at the lodge after skiing.

In other news, the contractor that I'd been stalking with weekly phone calls FINALLY called us to report he'd fixed the balcony screen door we'd given up for lost...and spent about $60 trying to replace ourselves with a off-the-shelf door from Home Depot. (See #2 from this post.) I was so mad that I honestly couldn't even look the contractor in the eye, and was very, very grateful to have Jason and his laid-back attitude handle it. The contractor was apparently apologetic. As much as I wanted to scold him for not returning phone calls, I think we resigned ourselves to just finishing this job and never calling him back again.



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