Strong Leadership Skills, Idiosyncracies

My first job, though titled "recruitment advertising" was essentially writing help wanted ads. Polishing the job descriptions our clients sent us to inspire someone to be flattered to believe that this was exact them. They had the strong communication skills, attention-to-detail and track record of sales success to be the right candidate for the job.

Thinking about the headlines in the other sections of the papers these days, it seems like to be a successful world leader you not only need to be self-confident and able to give direction, but also have to have some crazy personality traits, untempered by the honest feedback of others, to go with it.

Vladimir Putin: he arm wrestles, he dives for hidden treasures, he snuggles St. Bernards. The Atlantic Monthly's recap of his campaign photo set suggests that Vlad is truly the "most interesting man in the world." Moammar Gadhafi: kept a photo album of his "darling" U.S. Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice, discovered by rebels when the got into one of his compounds. Even a State Department spokesperson, someone whose job it is to be polite and diplomatic, described this as "bizarre and creepy." Are these just small quirks and hobbies that we all have, just gone amuck because no one has the temerity to tell Putin that he looks ridiculous riding shirtless on that horse? Or that Condaleeza would really never go for Gadhafi, no matter how endearing his scrapbook?

And probably no one wanted to tell Imelda that she had far too many shoes. 2,700 specifically.

What would your out-of-control quirk be if you got the job of world leader?

Chasing Rainbows

Since we may remember the frustration I experienced trying to get my hands on Liberty of London for Target merch, I have tried to turn away from all the Missoni for Target ads. No need to get myself disappointed again.

I do know how to crochet now, so maybe there's a chance to make my own Missoni-inspired baby blanket, via OhDeeDoh. (Someday, when I get sleep again..?)

I won't go so far as L.A. stylist, Rachel Zoe, who is pushing her newborn around in a Missoni stroller. The base of this stroller costs $880 via Neiman Marcus. Seems like some people have too much money to spend responsibly, doesn't it? I already have what I call my "sofa blanket," a rainbow blanket knit from yarn scraps, which we can say is Missoni-inspired. (Seen here keeping Aunt Courtney warm while she snuggles Calvin.) I call it a sofa blanket because it's long and narrow, perfect for couch-lying. I pretend this was intentional, but really I intended a square blanket, but just got a little tired of knitting.
Viola: sofa blanket!
And it was free.

Follow Calvin

The link from my last post has been updated, clearly I was working on too few hours of sleep before. Fortunately Night 2 was better, thanks to some of the secrets from the Happiest Baby on the Block.

Follow Calvin here for updates on how we're all doing.

He's Here

Calvin Wright was born Wednesday morning at 6:44 am, weighing in at 6 lbs 10 oz, 19 1/2 inches long.

His first night home I got only about 1-2 hours of sleep, so I think it's safe to safe blogging will be taking a hiatus. Recaps of decorating our condo would be replaced by the summary of watching it fall to pieces in a mess around us, overtaken by baby gear, swaddle clothes and half-drank beverages.

Since my attentions will be diverted (monopolized) for a while, here's where I recommend checking in: Follow Calvin.

Everybody's Waiting Through the Weekend

With our "found weekend" here's what Jason and I have been doing for these past three days, besides Jason calling his mom frequently to announce "It's a boy!" even though said boy is still considering his arrival.

On Saturday, a trip to Sephora to make use of a girlfriend's baby gift... a gift card to help keep a new mom feeling pampered and pretty. So thoughtful, since most of the attention has been focused on baby and I've been getting weary of being pregnant. And what luck, it was also time for my Sephora birthday rewards gift! Sunday was grocery shopping, since the food we'd stocked up in anticipation of baby's arrival is already starting to dwindle. With the heat, I was so tired that I took a nice nap on the couch afterwards. Why not?

Then assembly of the stroller and taking the car seat out to the garage to get it fitted in. Not sure how much more we can do to be ready at this point, besides maybe starting to request college catalogs for baby?

Hearing many of the wives' tales about bringing on labor (walking, red raspberry tea, climbing stairs) we thought it might be a good excuse for a date night and some spicy food. Doubly spicy at Vermillion restaurant, an Indian-Latin fusion restaurant downtown. Jason went for the tapas menu with duck vindaloo on cornbread, blue corn crusted scallops (below), and lamb chops, all served very stylishly with flourishes of sauces and sides of brightly colored chopped fruits or veggies. I started with tomatillo gazpacho and then onto a hearty steak. Only here would you ever find Indian tandoori skirt steak (sacred cows being less sacred on the Latin side of the world.) Even with an extra dash of cayenne pepper on the side which I took full advantage of, it didn't seem to do much more than just make the baby kick up his heels a little bit more.

Monday, a stop at the park to visit with the Lennon family visiting from Maine, and then home to make some pesto with the basil that's been growing on the balcony all summer. (I plan on freezing half for future meals.) We also caught Piper doing her own "gardening." She somehow realized that buried beneath the cat grass I'd planted as a treat, there are little rocks that she enjoys pushing around the wooden floor. Our little archeologist. I cleaned up this mess twice before we just gave up and put the grass outside on the balcony again.

Missed Calls

With my official due date pending, I'm bracing for a weekend hurricane of phone calls, "Is the baby here yet?!"

All week long pretty much every voice mail from a colleague has been accompanied by the comment, "You could be having the baby right now (ha-ha-ha), so no need to call back if that's the case!" No, I was just on the other line.

Just ignoring emails or phone calls for even 12 hours could be a wicked way to get friends and family hyped up.

But just so you know, it appears that baby is quite happy with the status quo and shows no signs of an imminent departure. He appears to have failed to mark his own birthday in his planner!An eviction notice may be pending for extended double occupancy in a single occupancy rental dwelling.

I was feeling discouraged when the phrase "possible need to induce" came into the conversation with my doctor this week. Jason tried to cheer me up by saying, "We have to remember, that this is a blessing." I thought he was reflecting on the miracle of new life and parenthood, but he clarified, "No, I mean we get one last long weekend to ourselves, to do whatever we want!"

Every parent I've talked to agrees.

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