Chasing Rainbows

Since we may remember the frustration I experienced trying to get my hands on Liberty of London for Target merch, I have tried to turn away from all the Missoni for Target ads. No need to get myself disappointed again.

I do know how to crochet now, so maybe there's a chance to make my own Missoni-inspired baby blanket, via OhDeeDoh. (Someday, when I get sleep again..?)

I won't go so far as L.A. stylist, Rachel Zoe, who is pushing her newborn around in a Missoni stroller. The base of this stroller costs $880 via Neiman Marcus. Seems like some people have too much money to spend responsibly, doesn't it? I already have what I call my "sofa blanket," a rainbow blanket knit from yarn scraps, which we can say is Missoni-inspired. (Seen here keeping Aunt Courtney warm while she snuggles Calvin.) I call it a sofa blanket because it's long and narrow, perfect for couch-lying. I pretend this was intentional, but really I intended a square blanket, but just got a little tired of knitting.
Viola: sofa blanket!
And it was free.


Jck said...

I felt the same way about Missoni for Target - I wasn't even going to try. I walked in there yesterday and decided to try my luck wandering through the women's clothes, housewares, but found nothing, nothing at all. It was like the whole Missoni thing never happened. Then on my way out with my laundry detergent and diapers I spotted a June-size Missoni sweater dress sitting at the end of a rack all alone! Score! I'm pretty sure that I secured the very last piece of Missoni left at that store, possibly in eastern PA.


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