Missed Calls

With my official due date pending, I'm bracing for a weekend hurricane of phone calls, "Is the baby here yet?!"

All week long pretty much every voice mail from a colleague has been accompanied by the comment, "You could be having the baby right now (ha-ha-ha), so no need to call back if that's the case!" No, I was just on the other line.

Just ignoring emails or phone calls for even 12 hours could be a wicked way to get friends and family hyped up.

But just so you know, it appears that baby is quite happy with the status quo and shows no signs of an imminent departure. He appears to have failed to mark his own birthday in his planner!An eviction notice may be pending for extended double occupancy in a single occupancy rental dwelling.

I was feeling discouraged when the phrase "possible need to induce" came into the conversation with my doctor this week. Jason tried to cheer me up by saying, "We have to remember, that this is a blessing." I thought he was reflecting on the miracle of new life and parenthood, but he clarified, "No, I mean we get one last long weekend to ourselves, to do whatever we want!"

Every parent I've talked to agrees.


Anonymous said...

Jason just wants to watch the football game at home. Just kidding (sort of).

I won't bother you; I assume I'll hear when Baby Cornelius arrives.


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