Strong Leadership Skills, Idiosyncracies

My first job, though titled "recruitment advertising" was essentially writing help wanted ads. Polishing the job descriptions our clients sent us to inspire someone to be flattered to believe that this was exact them. They had the strong communication skills, attention-to-detail and track record of sales success to be the right candidate for the job.

Thinking about the headlines in the other sections of the papers these days, it seems like to be a successful world leader you not only need to be self-confident and able to give direction, but also have to have some crazy personality traits, untempered by the honest feedback of others, to go with it.

Vladimir Putin: he arm wrestles, he dives for hidden treasures, he snuggles St. Bernards. The Atlantic Monthly's recap of his campaign photo set suggests that Vlad is truly the "most interesting man in the world." Moammar Gadhafi: kept a photo album of his "darling" U.S. Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice, discovered by rebels when the got into one of his compounds. Even a State Department spokesperson, someone whose job it is to be polite and diplomatic, described this as "bizarre and creepy." Are these just small quirks and hobbies that we all have, just gone amuck because no one has the temerity to tell Putin that he looks ridiculous riding shirtless on that horse? Or that Condaleeza would really never go for Gadhafi, no matter how endearing his scrapbook?

And probably no one wanted to tell Imelda that she had far too many shoes. 2,700 specifically.

What would your out-of-control quirk be if you got the job of world leader?



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