The Blustery Day

As much as I really like beautiful, sunny, warm days I confess to taking equally great pleasure in the cloudy, rainy days.

On the good days, I spend time conflicted about whether to rest and take a nap or get out for a walk.

On the miserable days, the decision is made! We are staying in, napping, snuggling, watching tv and working on little home projects.

Today was one of those days. Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day perfectly captures the gloomy, calamitous whirlwind of a stormy day, like the one we had today. I'll be holding onto Calvin tight so he doesn't blow right away like Piglet. And adding this book to the Amazon list, since its an essential lesson in meteorology for our son.

(UPDATE: It appears A.A. Milne had nothing to do with the Blustery Day as it was conceived as an animated feature by Disney, so there's no book! But we an watch it on YouTube.)



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