A Few Thoughts From the Sleep Deprived

Without being able to schedule activities that last more than 1 hour for fear that Calvin will show up with other plans, blogging has been a bit of challenge. However, it hasn't meant that I haven't had a few thoughts to share.

Here are a few musings from the sleep deprived:

- Jason and I have realized that we have a new weathervane for our relationship. The last two arguments we've had were initiated by one screaming baby. We later look at him lying small and innocent in his pack n' play and wonder how someone who's less than 20 days old has such power. - I don't understand why baby monitors are sold with multiple cameras, but just one monitor for the parent. I know these are modern times, with single parents being quite common, but for the two-parent household I have to wonder if this isn't just perpetuating a gender stereotype that mom is going to be primary? (Ok, maybe if it were pink I'd have more of a case.) Or is it a safety thing: if both parents have a monitor will baby suffer from the "bystander effect" where we each think the other person is addressing the crying?

- Seriously, babies go through a lot of diapers. This a primary impetus for my finally calling the bank to refinance our mortgage to a lower rate. Not kidding.

- For any new parent, I share the recommendation from my friend Maya to watch, and watch again, The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD. The 5 S's being key to getting an unhappy baby to calm down. I am so grateful for our baby swing, bouncy chair (which we call the rumble seat), and white noise CD.

- But I understand the humor of "Go the F*% to Sleep,." However, right now I am more often in the desperate pleading stages, "please, please, please go to sleep."

-Everyone's said to savor every moment, and it is kind of crazy to see that Calvin already looks bigger than when he arrived, with a pot belly and jowly, chubby cheeks.

And he has actually been a pretty good sleeper at night. Though I wake up a million times every night worrying: 1. is he breathing? 2. did I remember to feed him? and 3. did I put him back to bed, or did I fall asleep and forget him somewhere?

Every time he's just here.



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