The Humble Carnation

The humble carnation, sold in hastily packaged plastic packages on roadsides and in supermarkets.

Garishly green for St. Patrick's Day.

In ninth and tenth grade, Valentine's Day brought on the carnations to send to your friends and beaus, white = friendship, pink = a crush, red = love. I secretly always wished I'd get pink, or someday red, but if anything it was usually a handful of white carnations. Regardless, I loved the smell of them and spent most of the day holding the flower up to my nose.

I am pleased, therefore, to see the carnation coming into popularity. Maybe I see a bit of myself in its eventual blossoming, like the girl in high school who didn't get many flowers on Valentine's Day, but now finds herself happily married and loved.

An lovely ode to the carnation, "nature's pom pom", via Besotted Blog and Making it Lovely. Martha Stewart has quite a few tips for putting together these hardy blossoms. As they last so long, it's likely the only flower that's actually worth all of Martha's required effort.



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