Let's Hear it for the the (Room &) Board!

This is the kind of customer service that makes for life-long customers. Of course, we also tell our friends about positive experiences. (Link here in case my Deniece Williams "Let's Hear it for the Boy" reference escapes you, or you're feeling nostalgic with the remake of Footloose.)

An odd thing happened to our Room & Board dresser (coincidentally named Calvin) where one day there was a hole in one of the drawer faces. On the floor was a tiny pile of saw dust. We were perplexed and, as you'd suspect, perturbed. Was it an accidental drill hole that had been filled in? Some vulnerability in the wood, like a knot hole that fell out?Since this furniture was above and beyond our usual IKEA spend, and something I had considered an investment, I emailed Room & Board to ask if we could fix this. I was willing to buy a new drawer if they'd sell me one.They did even better. Within maybe two days of my email, Room & Board called us to ask when they could bring us a replacement. Not a replacement drawer, but a whole new dresser! It was delivered a week later! (And by the way, Room & Board has the most considerate, clean, and efficient delivery guys. They shuck off their shoes, while holding the dresser up in their arms, to enter in their stocking feet and keep your floors clean.)

Customer Service diagnosed the problem as a beetle that was trapped in the wood. We were advised that all the wood they use is kiln-dried which usually kills any bugs, but we had a virulent little guy who, two years later, apparently worked his way out.

...Of course now I can't help but wonder where in our house this dura-beetle went.

Thank you, R&B. p.s. I love your pillows.



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