Ah, motherhood and the new perspective that it gives you.

That spending money on a good nanny will probably be far more satisfying than buying shoes.

A mere shower can make the day.

I can carry enough various things in my hands that I could apply for honorary octopus status.

That "baby" is now the third most frequent tag on my blog.

Hand wash only clothes are the divas of the closet. Really? The delicate cycle in a lingerie bag will have to do for you!

And the hour at the gym that used to seem like a tedious, dreaded chore, is now a joyful time to escape and repair the distortions wrought by pregnancy. I had to laugh at (and commiserate with) the comparison made by Girl Gone Child blogger, Rebecca Woolf, of her pre- and post-partum fit.

That last photo captures the chaos just right too. Calvin attempts to catch onto my hair sometimes with a tenacious grip!



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