Seems Like This Should Have Come Sooner

Let's face it, going to IKEA is really a two-person job. Unless, you are content to shop only in the marketplace and pick up just the things that can be carried by one person, like meatballs and sheets.

Jason does not list IKEA trips as among his most favorite shared activities. I think most husbands agree, which is why I've eagerly volunteered myself to be an "IKEA buddy" to any woman I meet who might have the same concern. Even acquaintances at cocktail parties, if she mentions loving IKEA I'll immediately jump in with, "Me too! We should go! Call me whenever!!" It sounds a little desperate, I know.

But those clever Swedes are thinking and I just hope that they bring this idea to the Schaumburg IKEA soon: MANLAND.
Drop husband off at the "man nursery" filled with video games, televisions, and activities, shop away, and then call him when you need him in aisle J28 to get the EXGRET (or similarly funny-named IKEA item) off the shelf and onto the cart. Happy everyone.


jck said...

We were just there - physically and emotionally. I even did a prelim. trip to check out the cabinet I wanted and write down the aisle and bin number. It was so simple, I just had to lure the husband there with promise of $2.99 meatballs, shortcut through the marketplace, then right to aisle 01 bin 42 to pick up the goods, then have husband secure the box to top of car. Unfortunately tempers flared when the doors were out of stock and we had to decide whether to settle for the Oslbo door on make a separate trip to the next nearest Ikea. I love the idea of Manland, but I'm afraid that discord is inevitable when you try to combine husbands with retail shopping.

Claire said...

AH! The same thing happened to us too! I knew exactly what I wanted - even checked the stock beforehand - but got there on the weekend and the aisle was empty!! I had to make a quick game day decision to select a different color and avoid marital strife.


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