I feel like I keep apologizing for the intermittent blogging, though by now you know exactly why the posts have been spotty. On the other hand, friends have commented that they are enjoying my more chatty presence on Facebook. I can much easier punch out a sentence or two on Facebook, than the reflection that it takes for a blog post.

For those that aren't on Facebook, here are some of those abbreviated thoughts, with some elaboration now that Calvin is napping:

1. I bought a tube of lipstick at Walgreens the other day that I later realized is pretty much my natural lip color. No wonder I thought it looked right with my skin, however it's completely redundant. In future "describe yourself" moments I can now say, "brown hair, hazel eyes, toffee tango lips." A friend pointed out that this is also a lovely name for house paint. The upside is that I can probably safely put on this lipstick without really paying much attention, since it's definitely the "natural look."

2. No more proof is really needed to know that Mr. Rogers was perhaps the most honest soul in our midst, but 15 more reasons are here. After reading this article, I thought to myself about the need to ask myself, "What would Mr. Rogers do?" more often when dealing with traffic, friend drama, or burnt toast. Make it a snappy new day.3. My camera broke. Perfect timing, Canon! A newborn is in the house looking cuter by the minute and all you can say is "memory card error"??!! (Ok, that is not a very Mr. Rogers reaction.)

4. Not on Facebook yet, but I love Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.
"Guess why I smile a lot. Uh, 'cause it's worth it,"
Maybe I should also try to live more like Marcel.



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