Hello, Old Friend

Hello old friend, My Blog. I know, I've fallen out of touch lately.

Those newborns, they are a handful! But yes, pretty adorable, especially now that the little guy is smiling and kind of laughing. Although sometimes I can't tell, is that just a coincidental string of grunts?

Like you, the house is also left to wonder what's happened to my usual attentiveness. I look around sometimes and just sigh, "this place is a mess." But I find I care less and less. My threshold for acceptable household litter has been redefined. I wonder if empty nesters look around and have an epiphany as to how cluttered their house has become over 18 years. In my retirement, I plan to clean.

My Kindle is dormant, except for the book on baby sleep patterns. (Entirely ineffective, by the way. The relaxing infant massage lotion must contain caffeine.)

The cats are also wondering where their usual affection has gone. Of all parties, the cats were the ones I thought would be happiest to be left alone. However, Teedie has taken to sleeping on the bed at night, which suggests he might even miss me! Or he's just jealous. Likewise, my lips may have wondered what's happened to lipstick...or even a moisturizing gloss! My ears remember earrings with nostalgia. (I do manage a shower most every day and put on make-up for my own morale.) Of all body parts, my feet are likely the happiest. They spend most days in socks, or a sneaker if outdoor adventures are on the schedule. But they probably deserve the pleasure, since they suffered the most during the final swollen months of pregnancy.

Babies, they do become your everything. Hope you understand, dear blog. I do fall asleep some nights thinking of good content, but by the weary morning I've usually forgotten.


jck said...

I hear you. We recently decluttered for june's party and were amazed at how good the house could look.
FYI - that Aquaphor diaper creme makes a great moisturizing lip gloss!

3lennons said...

Welcome to my world! Haven't blown my hair dry since before Lexi was born. That's right. That's over 6 years.


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