Knowing When to Let Go

I recently had to say goodbye to one member of our family, and another should probably be allowed its demise as well.

Houseplants, don't get too sad or sentimental.

I'm not sure why, but I realize that I coddle plants until there's just one little leaf hanging on for dear life. Despite years of hardy endurance, every plant meets its end eventually.

I won't see their gradual decline, until one day I glance at the windowsill and sort of see the plant for the first time and realize, "Wow, that guy looks really sad!" At best I could say it's maybe poetic in a simple, bonsai kind of way??

One of my favorite quotes is "a houseguest will see in 30 seconds what you won't see in 30 years." This usually refers to the dust on the bookshelves or the crooked closet door, but I have to imagine all of our guests this month have wondered why this plant is still here.

Let's say goobye, and plan to get another jade plant next time I find myself at Home Depot or Lowes.



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