Good Listen: The Taj

It's rare these days that I get to listen to any radio story altogether at once*, but this one was worth going back to the NPR website for a listen: Heroes of Mumbai's Taj Hotel, detailing the heroic altruism of the staff of Mumbai's Taj Hotel during the terror attacks of 2003.It rung very true from our stay at the hotel, where service was extraordinary. And this story reflects that it was an enduring trait, even in their worst crisis. The story also tells you about how business and branding matter.

*I realize now that this story is only nine minutes long, which tells you what life with an infant is like in terms of attention span and personal time!

Let There Be Light Longer

I am waiting for the blanket of clouds that will cover Chicago for the next three months to arrive. The day will get grey and I will wonder why we can't just keep the Christmas lights up until April. December seems to early to put them up and January too soon to take them down. I will need some cheeriness and blinking display on my walks home in late February.

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